2020-2021 Annual Ceremonial Review

Due to Covid restrictions we had a difficult year. Spending so much time online for school our cadets had to decide when and what they wanted to spend their time online for. We did however have some cadets that deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the corps.

Due to Covid restrictions, we had an abbreviated Annual Ceremonial Review this year. With just the officers and a couple Navy League members there we had a short but important live stream of the awards ceremony. It is always important to recognize when our cadets do well. 

Due to limited personnel in the corps for the awards our CO Lt(N) Koshman gave out the awards for Phase 1, 2, and 3.

Phase 1:   O/C Alina Czyczyro
       also   O/C Jaelyn Dopking-Brookhouse

Phase 2: L/C Clare Lafferty

Phase 3: M/C Skyla Etcher

Phase 4 was awarded by SLt. Batten.

Phase 4: POC2 Duncan Culliton

Our XO Lt(N) Wisniewski awarded our Phase 5

Phase 5: POC1Jaden Hearns

The Barry Bevvan Scholarship award went to POC2 Duncan Culliton for all of his hard work this year. With his dedication to his studies in communication and his perfect mark on his Morse Code course we offer him congratulations. 

Job well done.

Rear-Admiral Bennett Leadership Award was given to two of our cadets who showed great leadership over the past year. Even when it was not easy getting people to spend their evening online after spending their days online learning. These two cadets Kept others engaged and motivated in our cadet corps.

Congratulations and well done to both.

POC1 Hannah Cannon 
POC1 Jaden Hearns 

For his dedication to learning his radio communication and continuing on to receive his morse code qualifications, all done virtually. For his dedication to the Cadet program and his perseverance in this difficult time. Ontario Division of the Navy League of Canada awarded a Bravo Zulu award to POC2 Duncan Culliton.

Congratulations POC2 Culliton and we can't wait to see what you do next.

Lt(N) Robert Wisniewski was awarded a Meritorious Service Award for all his hard work last year. Last year Lt(N) Wisniewski almost single handedly ran our summer bottle drive. Sorting and bagging everything that came into our building. Being covid times and being unsure of transmission of the illness he took on the job mostly alone. The Navy League appreciated everything you did and do for our cadet corps.

SLt. Matthew Batten received a Meritorious Service Award

Also the Navy League of Canada, Belleville Branch awarded SLt. Batten a Bravo Zulu coin. 

In recognition of everything you did in the past year for the radio communication department of our cadet corps. For taking it on yourself to set up and run a virtual program for our cadets and officer to take the communication program, and licensing exam. For engaging, not only our corps and other corps in Ontario, as well as making the program available to other provinces, The Navy League of Canada and the Belleville Branch thanks you. 

Job well done.

After the Phase awards were announced by out officers, our Navy League President, Carol Taylor, had some awards to give out.