Information on this page is for Cadet use. It will have information on what is needed during your time at the corps.

Why join Cadets?

The #1 reason to join Cadets is the opportunity to make lifelong friendships, memories and experiences.

You will learn to sail, you will participate in various sports activities, you can become a marksman, or learn to play an instrument.

You will gain leadership and communication skills that are essential for future employment opportunities.

You could be able to go to summer camps for 2, 3 or even 6 weeks. 

You could earn credits towards your high school diploma, earn your 40 hours of community involvement for high school and you could even earn Scholarships to use for post secondary education.

You could also have the opportunity for International exchange programs.

Finally you could travel the country (sometimes the world) with Naval, Tall Ship or Coast Guard deployments.

What does it cost to be a cadet?

The cadet program is a FREE program sponsored by Department of National Defence, and Navy League of Canada. 

The only cost to the cadet is their time, as well as their commitment to learn and participate. 

What is a corps and a stone frigate?

A Corps is a group of cadets, and a stone frigate is naval establishment on land where we meet at. Because we are a Sea Cadet Corps we call our building our ship.

Where do I go to join?

Our corps meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:30.

We are located at 16 South Front St. Belleville.