In this section you will find the perspective of the cadets. Each month we will ask a few cadets some questions and will have their answers listed here. It is an idea of how the cadets feel about their time here at the corps.

MS Tootle

MS Tootle has been with the corps for 3 years. When asked what brought him to the corps. He replied they were driving by the building and liked the idea of sailing so he thought he would try it.

We asked MS Tootle what he has gotten from his time at the corps.

MS Tootle feels he has gained a new respect for the community. He has found that the corps helps him in school and with his self confidence, He has learned band with the corps and he has increased his ability for public speaking.

We asked how he would bring someone into the corps.

MS Tootle explained that cadets feels more like a family than a corps. There are so many opportunities like learning an instrument in band, going to summer camp and the best of course was the sailing.

We asked what he feels he will take forward into his life after cadets.

MS Tootle felt he will take forward all the skills he has developed at the corps. His public speaking and the leadership skills he has developed.

PO2 Cannon

PO2 Cannon has been with the corps for three years. When asked she replied that friends brought her into the corps.

We asked PO2 Cannon what she feels she has gotten from her time in the corps.

PO2 Cannon explained what she likes best about the corps is that it helps in the community and camp.

When asked how she would encourage someone to join cadets PO2 Cannon said that she would tell them about all the fun things you can do at the corps. Things like curling, scuba diving, camp and the chance of deployment where you can get paid.

We asked PO2 Cannon what she feels she will take forward into her life after cadets.

PO2 Cannon said her amateur radio and boating license.

PO2 Brownlee

PO2 Brownlee has been with the corps for 3 years. She explained that her sister is in the Navy and, along with their mom, suggested it to her.

We asked what she feels that she has gotten from her time at the corps.

PO2 Brownlee explained that it has given her more initiative, helped her be a better leader and has given her many new friends.

We asked PO2 Brownlee how she would interest others in becoming a cadet.

PO2 Brownlee explained that she would tell them what a good experience they could have. That they could learn lots like music and of course sailing is the best.

We asked PO2 Brownlee what she feels she will take forward into her life after cadets.

PO2 Brownlee explained that she is interested in a Naval career so she feels everything she has learned in cadets she will be able to take forward. She feels that the leadership skills she has learned helps her remain calm in stressful situations. Which she feels will only help in her future.