Cadet Perspective

Jan 2020

In this section you will find the perspective of the cadets. Each month we will ask a few cadets some questions and will have their answers listed here. It is an idea of how the cadets feel about their time here at the corps.

This month we have young cadets who are still in early stages of their experience.

MS Lapirdo

MS Lapirdo has been in cadets for about 2 and a half years. When asked what brought her to the corps, she explained that it was her friends who introduced her to cadets. That and the sailing and drill team looked interesting to her.

MS Lapirdo was asked what she has gotten from her time with the corps. 

Her response was that she has found she is more responsible and neater due to cadets. She has enjoyed the sailing, range and learning to tie knots. She feels she has also increased her confidence levels.

MS Lapirdo was asked what she feels she will be able to take forward inter her life after cadets.

She explained that she is planning on joining the navy in the future and feels that everything she has learned in sea cadets will help her move forward to her Navy career.

OS Kane

OS Kane has been with the corps for only 5 months. When asked what brought him to cadets he said that he had met a few other cadets, while taking sailing courses at the yacht club, who he quickly became friends with.


When asked what he has gotten from his short time at the corps.

OS Kane explained that it gives him motivation to be more active. It has taught him how to lead and teach others. Also given him experience in communication.

I asked OS Kane what he would tell others to get them to join the corps.

His answer was: I would tell them all the opportunities available to them. great friendships, new skill sets and all the extra things like range, sailing, drill.

OS Kane was asked what he feels he will take forward in life after cadets.

OS Kane wants to go on to University after cadets and feels the organization and communication skills will help, as well cadets has given him more initiative to do better.

January 2020

OS Forbes

OS Forbes has been with the corps for only 5 months. He explained that his father had suggested that he to join to increase his fitness levels.

When ask what he has experienced since he joined the corps, OS  Forbes said he is enjoying the sailing, range, band, training and learning the knots.

I asked OS Forbes what he feels that he will be able to take forward into his life after cadets.

OS Forbes explained that he feels he will be more responsible, he will have learned leadership skills and will be a better role model for others.