May 2 2021, marks the 76th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. The battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuously fought battle of the Second World War. The Royal Canadian Navy participated in this battle by providing protection to convoys of merchant ships moving war goods to Britain and by hunting German U-Boats (submarines).

Did you know that RCSCC Quinte's namesake (HMCS Quinte) has battle honours for the North Atlantic 1941-1942. HMCS Quinte earned this honour from fighting in the battle of the Atlantic. The Quinte, with her 83 Officers and crew, was assigned to the Western Local Escort Force and acted as a convey escort ship, safely guiding merchant ships from the coast of Canada out into the Atlantic Ocean where escort duties would be passed to larger navy vessels. Today we can still see HMCS Quinte's ship bell at the CFB Trenton Yacht Club.

In respect to and remembrance of those who served in this devastating battle today we flew our flags (past and present) at half mast while taking time to remember the sacrifice of so many.

They have no grave but the cruel sea.

No flowers lay at their head.

A rusting hulk is their tombstone.

A fast on the ocean bed.

On Feb 29 2020 the range team had a competition in Trenton. The team won top spot in the competition. CPO2 Doyle had the top shot and PO1 Isabel Coupland had the second Top shot of the competition.

A big BZ to an amazing job done by the team. 

On 27 Feb 2020 RCSCC Quinte said farewell to one of it's own.

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Malcolm Ross turned in his uniform. CPO1 Ross has been with the corps from 14 Mar 2013. We would like to thank him for his service to the corps and we look forward to having him as a civilian volunteer in the future. 

BZ CPO1 Ross.

We wish you fair winds and following seas.

SLt Lisa Bresset had a cooking class on March 5. The lesson was how to prepare potatoes. They mashed, roasted and fried them. They were tasty. Job well done to the cadets who participated.

ASLt Matthew Taylor has been running a shipwright workshop this season. The cadets that have come out have finished up their first project. This included learning about refinishing the wood paddles. The cadets learned about sanding, painting, and varnishing. They also are learning proper use of tools including the correct safety equipment needed for the projects.

The cadets have started the second project which looks like they are refinishing metal chairs.

Well done cadets and a big thank you ASLt. Taylor for your patience and guidance for these projects.

Since 1928, We're always very proud to partner with community efforts, helping to make the greater Belleville and Quinte area a better, safer place.

In support of the local Children's Safety Village, our cadets were happy to assist with the Inaugural "Kid's Got Talent" charitable benefit, assisting and seating patrons at the Empire Theatre on February 8th.

The Children's Safety Village was established in 2004 to teach primary grades traffic and pedestrian safety. The village is an interactive memorable experience complete with traffic lights, signs, markings and a working railway crossing, thereby teaching awareness and responsibility.

On Friday Feb 7, SLt Colwill and CPO 2 Coupland spent a few hours clearing off the snow behind the ship (just to have the city show up on Saturday morning) so that the cadets could have a clear patch to skate on.

Looks like fun was had by all.

January 4 2020 was the annual bottle drive for our cadets. A little snow did not stop our cadets from showing up and working hard. With the help of the cadets and the volunteers who came out to help the day went well. 

A big thank you to all that came out to help with the bottle drive. 

On December 19 our cadet band preformed at their Christmas concert. The friends and family of our cadets enjoyed the concert. The concert was an enjoyable way to end the year before the holiday stand down.