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What is Sea Cadets?

Sea Cadets is a program offered by the Department of National Defense and the Navy League of Canada to Canadian youth aged 12-18 years old and the program is offered at NO COST to the cadets or parents / guardians.

As a Cadet, youth will have the opportunity to participate in various forms of activities and training. Training opportunities will involve aspects of citizenship, physical fitness, sailing, seamanship, marksmanship, drill, naval knowledge and music. Each phase or year of training, will allow cadets to develops and practice different leadership and teamworking  skills. 

The local training program follows the school calendar, running from September till June. Additional training opportunities may also be avalible to cadets in the form of summer training centres. or participate in Navy, Tall Ship or Coast Guard Deployments.

Upcoming Activities

Swimming - This is an optional activity. Swimming takes place at the Quinte Wellness Centre and is restricted to 25 cadets. A signup list will be posted in the main hallway of the building before to the event. Priority will be give to those cadets who signed up for last months swimming but we did not have a spot for. Swimming will take place on Tuesday March 14th at 1915 - 2100 hrs (7:15 - 9 pm).


Saturday Morning Band - This is an optional training activity open to all cadets. No prior experience is required. Instrument and instruction is provided. Band practice takes place on Saturday mornings from 1000 - 1200 hrs (10am - noon).


Navy League of Canada
Belleville Branch

The Sea Cadet Program offered by RCSCC Quinte is a only possible through a partnership between the Canadian Forces (CF) and the Navy League of Canada. While instructors, uniforms and core training is provided by the CF, our building, boats, instruments and much of the opportunities we are able to provide outside of the core curriculum are only available because of the hard work of the Belleville Branch of the Navy League of Canada. This group, which has been serving the Quinte Region since the 1930's, is made up of dedicated volunteers with an interest in the Cadet Program and our broader naval community. To learn more, volunteer or donate please click the link below.

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