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What is Sea Cadets?

Sea Cadets is a program offered by the Department of National Defense and the Navy League of Canada to Canadian youth aged 12-18 years old and the program is offered at NO COST to the cadets or parents / guardians.

As a Cadet, youth will have the opportunity to participate in various forms of activities and training. Training opportunities will involve aspects of citizenship, physical fitness, sailing, seamanship, marksmanship, drill, naval knowledge and music. Each phase or year of training, will allow cadets to develops and practice different leadership and teamworking  skills. 

The local training program follows the school calendar, running from September till June. Additional training opportunities may also be avalible to cadets in the form of summer training centres. or participate in Navy, Tall Ship or Coast Guard Deployments.

Upcoming Activities

Welcome Back!

With the end of Summer comes the beginning of the 2023/2024 Training Year. We will be returning in person to start regular training on Thursday September 7th. The first three nights will be a bit different from "normal" training nights so please read the next points carefully so you know what is happening and what you need to do / wear.

  1. Cadets are asked to show up in appropriate outdoor gear (no uniforms) including closed toed shoes. There will be two outdoor activities happening at the same time so cadets will be assigned to either on water (sailing) training or on land (compass and orienteering) training. Those cadets that are put in the on water training this week will participate in the on land training next week. Likewise those doing on land training this week will switch to on water training next week. For the first week please bring a dry change of clothes.

  2. Every cadet is required to complete an Annual Verification Form. Please bring your parent or guardian with you into the building so they can see SLt Taylor and review/sign this form. Without a completed Annual Verification Form cadets will not be allowed to participate in the program. Forms can be completed and submitted no later then the 30th of September so getting it done and out of the way is the easiest way to make sure you can keep participating!

  3. For the next three weeks (Sept 7th, 14th and 21st) we will be starting earlier then normal. This will allow us to get as much time on the water and outside as possible before the sun starts to set. Cadets will be running from 1730hrs (5:50pm) until 2100hrs (9pm) for these nights. After this we will return the regular 1830hrs to 2130hrs.

  4. We understand that you may have grown and uniform parts might no longer fit, that is okay! Please make sure to see SLt Colwill to make an appointment to switch out parts that need switching. Make sure to talk to him before showing up with your uniform part as he may not be avalible otherwise!

We are excited to see everyone and hear how your summer was. If you have any questions please remember to reach out so we can help answer them.

Navy League of Canada
Belleville Branch

The Sea Cadet Program offered by RCSCC Quinte is a only possible through a partnership between the Canadian Forces (CF) and the Navy League of Canada. While instructors, uniforms and core training is provided by the CF, our building, boats, instruments and much of the opportunities we are able to provide outside of the core curriculum are only available because of the hard work of the Belleville Branch of the Navy League of Canada. This group, which has been serving the Quinte Region since the 1930's, is made up of dedicated volunteers with an interest in the Cadet Program and our broader naval community. To learn more, volunteer or donate please click the link below.

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