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Attention Parents and Cadets...

Sadly, I have to announce that we can have no in person training until further notice. Please continue with the online Thursday night training.

D. Koshman 

Commanding Officer

May 2 2021, marks the 76th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. The battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuously fought battle of the Second World War. The Royal Canadian Navy participated in this battle by providing protection to convoys of merchant ships moving war goods to Britain and by hunting German U-Boats (submarines).

Did you know that RCSCC Quinte's namesake (HMCS Quinte) has battle honours for the North Atlantic 1941-1942. HMCS Quinte earned this honour from fighting in the battle of the Atlantic. The Quinte, with her 83 Officers and crew, was assigned to the Western Local Escort Force and acted as a convey escort ship, safely guiding merchant ships from the coast of Canada out into the Atlantic Ocean where escort duties would be passed to larger navy vessels. Today we can still see HMCS Quinte's ship bell at the CFB Trenton Yacht Club.

In respect to and remembrance of those who served in this devastating battle today we flew our flags (past and present) at half mast while taking time to remember the sacrifice of so many.

They have no grave but the cruel sea.

No flowers lay at their head.

A rusting hulk is their tombstone.

A fast on the ocean bed.

It is with gratitude and joy that we thank the City of Belleville Arts and Culture Grant committee, for the generous grant of $5000. 

Funds provided by the Grant will be used to refurbish and purchase instruments for the Belleville Sea Cadet Corps. All our instruments are old, needing constant repair. Our music director, Brian Couglan, developed his musical talent as a Quinte Cadet, going on to spend his career as a musician with the Canadian Armed Forces. He recognizes several of the instruments from when he was a cadet in the 70’s. Refurbishing and supplementing our instruments will be expensive. The Grant will pay for the refurbishing of 4 horns, 3 trombones and purchase 2 used tubas. Cadets are able to achieve positive results more quickly on a quality instrument encouraging them to increase their skills.

Our Sea Cadets are extremely anxious to return to the band and in-person training as soon as Covid-19 Restrictions allow. The goal of the Navy League is to upgrade our band inventory as a welcome back.

With the great success of our bottle drive last year we have decided that we will once again this summer be doing a bottle drive for the cadet corps. With the restrictions of Covid-19 we will be unable to do in person fund raising again this year. 

With the help of the community we hope to have another successful bottle drive this summer. 

Thanking the community in advance.

15 October-President of the Navy League Belleville Branch Carol Taylor accepted a generous donation from The poppy fund committee of Branch 99, the Royal Canadian Legion as well as Unit 201, The Army Navy Airforce Veteran's Association.

We are very thankful for their continued support towards the youth in our Community.

After many hours of work the new trophy wall has been completed in the upper deck hall. It looks great. Thank you for the hours of work you have put into this wall. A huge BZ to ASLt. Matthew Taylor for a job well done.

Thanks to the John M and Bernice Parrott foundation and the community for their generous donations. After a summer of much work and repair, our building and our dock and emergency exit are complete and ready once again for when the cadets and officers are back.


On September 12, 2020 the Belleville Branch of the Navy League was able to officially open the new deck at our corps building. Along with a few dignitaries and members of our branch, we were able to have a small celebration. 

Our branch president Carol Taylor, along with our corps Commanding Officer Lt.(N) Dwight Koshman, were joined by Ontario Navy League President Rear-Admiral(retired) Jennifer Bennett,  CMM,  CD, Mayor Panciuk, MPP Todd Smith, look on while Lyle Vanclief cut the ribbon.

The Lt. Cdr. Barry Bevvan Scholarship Award

This year we were able to create a new scholarship for one of our cadets. This new scholarship is being sponsored by former Quinte cadets.

It is presented to a cadet who serves as an example in leadership, commitment, excellence, and service to others.

This year due to the pandemic we were unable to present any awards in person. CPO1 Bashall was the recipient of this award. She was so pleased to receive it, that after she received the award she put her uniform on and had a photo taken in uniform with the certificate. 

CPO1 Bashall is headed to Carlton University in the fall to study architecture.

Bravo Zulu CPO1 Bashall

Fair Winds and Following Seas

It is with much joy and gratitude that we say thank you to the John and Bernice Parrott Foundation. Their amazing gift and generosity will go a long way to help us provide a safe and positive space for our cadets. In this time of uncertainty to be able to move forward on such an important project is an amazing step forward. With this donation and the funds raised from our bottle drive we will be able to complete the dock-emergency exit and shoreline restoration.


On May 13th RCSCC Quinte had one of our cadets age out. CPO2 Donaldson will turn in his uniform once it is safe to do so.

CPO2 Donaldson has been with the corps since May 2013.

Due to the pandemic we are unable to give CPO2 Donaldson a proper send off.  We do however wish him the best in his future endeavours.

Thank you for your time and service to the corps.

Fair winds and following seas.




Medal of Excellence



Each year the Navy League of Canada, Ontario Division awards the Medal of Excellence to the top Sea Cadets in the province. This year of 14 Medals presented, and out of 61 Branches in the province 2 of our cadets were awarded this Medal.


Congratulations to CPO2 Henry Coupland, and PO1 Izzy Coupland. The Navy League of Canada, Belleville Branch and the Officers of RCSCC Quinte are extremely proud to have you represent us.