RCSCC QUINTE is named for the two RCN minesweepers. 

Our coat of arms is Blazon Vert, a Tudor rose, barbed and seeded or, upon a pentagonal cross pattee the arms being formed by five letter "E" each letter facing and converging towards the fess point argent.

HMCS QUINTE was a Bangor class minesweeper. Built in 1941 she took part in the Battle of the Atlantic. She wore the pennant 166 during her commission. The Quinte sank on Nov 30 1942, off Cape Breton Island. The ship was refloated and spent the rest of her days during the war as a training ships at HMCS Cornwallis. After the war the Quinte was used for naval research until she was decommissioned in Aug 1946

HMCS QUINTE (II) was a bay class minesweeper that served during the cold war. Commissioned in Oct 1954 she wore the pennant 149. She was decommissioned in Feb 1964.

Our corps was created in 1928. Since our creation we have had many cadets through our doors. Now coming back from a pandemic we are once again rebuilding our corps. Please have a look around and find out more about us.


Our branch of the RCSCC (Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps) was established in May 1928. The corps held the first in person training Feb 4, 1931. This was held at the armouries in Belleville. By March 3, 1931 the corps found a new home at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 99.

In July of 1947, the Belleville Sea Cadets found a permanent headquarters at 16 South Front St. The new location was considered the ship Quinte. We have been located here ever since. In 1988 the building was demolished and replaced with the current building, being ready for cadets in September 1988.

With the restarting of the Quinte Band in a “brass” format rather than the previous “bugle” format, interest in joining the music program increased. By 1965 we were doing a few Santa Claus Parades and found we could help fund ourselves as a corps. We soon joined any parades that would “hire” us. We soon grew our instrument stock which allowed us to have more cadets join the band.

In 1975 the Federal Government allowed girls to join the sea cadet program. By 1977 we had welcomed girls into our corps.

RCSCC QUINTE is the building we train in 

This is known as a stone frigate also our ship

Our ship pre 1988

Our ship after 1988