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RCSCC Quinte's Mission

Our mission is to instill good citizenship and seamanship into the youth of Belleville.

All while having fun, in a safe, and nurturing environment.

Meet Our Staff and Sponsoring League

RCSCC Quinte Program Overview

Since 1928, RCSCC Quinte has been providing an opportunity for youth between the ages of 12-18 to be part of something different. The program brings cadets together with other youths from the community giving them memories that will last a lifetime. Cadets will develop a sense of pride and accomplishment as they complete the many training and growth opportunities in the program. Participation in the program helps to develop cadets into the leaders of the future.

A cadet at Quinte will have opportunities to learn seamanship, sailing, music, marksmanship, citizenship, leadership, communications and physical fitness. Cadets are provided with opportunities to perform at ceremonial parades, attend remembrance services, participate in community functions, compete in competitions and so much more.

RCSCC Quinte embraces diversity and instils values such as loyalty, respect, teamwork, leadership, and professionalism. The program can be physically challenging and mentally stimulating but cadets will find growth in everything they learn and will leave with wonderful memories.

Click these links to read interviews with some of our cadets to find out their thoughts on the program!

Learn More About the Program and Our Unit

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