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Upcoming Activities

Weekly Activities

Regular Training - takes place on Thursday Evenings from 1830 - 2130 hrs (6:30pm - 9:30pm) Cadets are asked to show up 15 minutes early so that training can begin on time. Dress for this training is C5 - STU (Sea Training Uniform) unless otherwise stated. This training is mandatory, so if a cadet can not make it they are required to call into the Ship @ 613-962-4647 and let us know they will not be in attendance.

Beginner BandThis is an optional activity (We strongly encourage all cadets to try it out!). No previous experience is needed. Cadets will be provided with instruments, music and all the instruction (from professional music instructors!) they will require to succeed! Beginning Band practice takes place Friday Evening from 1900 hrs till 2100 hrs. Practice takes place at the Ship  -16 South Front St. Belleville. Please see SLt Colwill if you have any questions. 


Sr. Band Practice - takes place on Saturday morning from 1000 - 1200 hrs (10am-noon) Cadets are asked to show up 15 minutes early so that practice can begin on time. Dress for this training is appropriate civilian clothing unless otherwise stated. Sr Band is open to all cadets who currently play an instrument at school / private or who have completed the Beginner Band Program.

Communications Training - takes place on Friday Evenings from 1800 - 2100 hrs (6pm - 9pm) This is optional training that is available to cadets. Cadets must have first signed up for this activity with SLt Batten in advance as equipment restrictions only allow so many cadets to participate at a time. Showing up without having confirmed first with SLt Batten will likely result in cadet being turned away due to lack of available equipment! Dress for this activity is C5 STU (Sea Training Uniform)

Special Activities

Year 3 & 4 Cadets Regional Activity Dec 16th - Cadets in year 3 and 4  training will have the opportunity to participate in a regional activity day with cadets from other local units. Dress will be C5 STU (Blue Shirt Uniform). Lunch will be provided. Timings and location (most likely Trenton) will be provided as soon as they are finalized by the area office. Please contact SLt Taylor for any questions.


Mess Dinner Dec 17th- There will be a Mess Dinner (formal naval style dinner) held at the unit on Sunday evening from 1800 hrs (6pm) until 2130 hrs (9:30pm). There is no cost for this event and all cadets are encouraged to participate. Cadets are asked if possible to bring a dessert to share with their shipmates. Dress for this event is the C2 - Mess Dress (bowties will be provided to the cadet upon arrival at the unit). Any cadet interested in assisting with set up and preparation or any cadet with a food limitation is asked to talk with SLt Colwill in advance.

Holiday Activity Night- Our last regular training night of the year will be a holiday inspired night full of naval traditions, games and snacks. Cadets are asked to come ready to participate in some festive cheer. Dress for this event is C5 STU's. Timing is same as usual 1830-2130 hrs.

First Aid Course Dec 27th and 28th - The Commanding Officer will be running a First Aid Course on the 27th and 28th of December. The course will be limited in numbers but is open to all cadets wishing to apply. Cadets will be required to bring their own lunches. The course will take place at the Units Building from 0900 hrs (9am) until 1600 hrs (4pm) each day. Please see Lt(N) Wisniewski with any questions.

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