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We are RCSCC Quinte or HMCS Quinte.

We can be found Fridays 1800-2100 hrs on:

Echo link: VA3GKY 

Learn more about our Communications Team

See the equipment our cadets use

SLt. Batten explaining the hand held VHF radio.  Also why it doesn't always transmit in the steel cadet building.

MS Tootle:

Receiving transmissions on a GRC19 radio set (circa 1950-60's)

MS Culliton:

Communicating on a TS830S

Circa early 1980's

PO2 Cannon:

Demonstrating a lap attached morse code machine (circa 1950-60's)

MS Culliton

Demonstrating the use of an Aldis Lamp

for visual singling, in our case shore to ship. Usually used ship to ship.

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