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Host:  Lt. (N) Robert Wisniewski

Reviewing Officer:  LT. (N) Dwight Koshman 


To be promoted to the next level cadet there is different criteria the cadet must meet. We had several cadets who met the criteria for promotions.

Promoted to Leading Cadet

LC Quincey

LC Yoo

LC Goyer

LC Keuning

LC McDonald

LC Laverty

LC Muir

LC Wadforth

LC Smith

Promoted to Chief Petty Officer Cadet 2nd Class

CPOC2 Davidson

CPOC2 Semark

Phase Awards

As in other years awards criteria has been posted throughout the ship for cadets to see and review. The recipient of each award has been selected by members of an awards committee.

Our Phase 1 award is the first of five phases in the Sea Cadet program. In this phase, cadets learn the basic fundamentals of teamwork, seamanship, naval history, drill and community citizenship. The Ernest Hine Family memorial award for the best phase 1 cadet is presented annually to the cadet that has demonstrated the best attitude and academic ability while participating in the phase 1 training. Presented by CO Lt(N) Wisniewski to AC Dawson Muir 

In phase 2, cadets build upon the foundation they learned in phase 1. More complex seamanship skills are taught. Such as semaphore, bows calls, and blocks and tackles. Drill with arms is introduced and the focus begins to transition from a member of a team to taking on more of a leadership role. The Wrenshall shield for best phase 2 cadet is awarded annually to the cadet who has displayed the best attitude and academic ability while participating in phase 2 training. 

Presented by SLt Matthew Taylor to AC Isabella Laverty

The phase 3 training program places strong emphasis on leadership development and introduces the basics of instruction. The E Taylor award for the best phase 3 cadet is presented annually to the cadet who has demonstrated the best overall attitude and academic ability while participating in phase 3 training. 

Presented by SLt. Sheldon Colwill to AC Ethan Yoo

Instruction and leadership continue to be the primary focus in the phase 4 training program. Cadets are required to instruct a minimum of two classes and demonstrate advanced leadership skills in order to be successful in this training year. In addition to these cadets continue to build on their seamanship skills by learning a fancy rapport and the basics of navigation. The Ernest Hine Family Memorial award for best phase 4 cadet is presented annually to the cadet that has demonstrated the best attitued and academic ability while participating in phase 4 training.

This years recipient is POC2 Skylar Etcher 

In phase 5, cadets spend minimal time in formal classroom training. The emphasis in this phase is to provide cadets with on the job experience to develop their skills in a variety of areas. All cadets in this phase are assigned to departments and when they are not instructing classes to the other phases, they devote their time and energy to departmental duties. The 85th Anniversary trophy for best phase 5 cadet was donated by Stormy's car sales in Belleville and is presented annually to the cadet who displays the best overall attitude and academic ability while participating in phase 5 training.

Presented by Past President of the Navy League, Belleville Branch Jim Galway

Awarded to PO1 Kendra Davidson

Bravo Zulu


The term Bravo Zulu refers to a job well done. These awards are presented annually to members of the crew who have demonstrated exceptional service and dedication the the unit. While there are unlimited number of bravo zulu awards that can be presented, the awards committee have selected two very deserving recipients this year.

BZ CPOC2 Hannah Cannon

BZ POC1 Dante Duffus

Legion Medal of Excellence

The Legion medal of Excellence is awarded to a cadet who has achieved a recognized standard presented in leadership and community service. 

Presented by Legion representative Shirley Stewart

Awarded to POC2 Kendra Davidson

Lord Strathcona Medal

The origin of the Strathcona Foundation dates back to 1909. Lord Strathcona, then High Commissioner for Canada in England, wished to improve the physical and intellectual habits of self-discipline, good citizenship, physical fitness and patriotism. To this end, he created the foundation bearing his name. The medal is the highest award that can be granted to a cadet other than a bravery medal. The recipient has been singled out amongst their peers by an outstanding performance and personal involvement in the unit and community. 

Presented by Lt. (N) Dwight Koshman

Awarded to CPOC2 Hannah Cannon

LCdr BT Bevvan Award

The LCdr Barry Bevvan award is presented to the cadet who sets an example for all in leadership, service to others, commitment, excellence, all while facing and dealing with any situation. This award is donated by RCSCC Quinte Alumni to the cadet who embodies all of these qualifications.

Presented by Navy League(Belleville Branch) President Carol Taylor

Awarded to CPOC2 Jaden Hearns

The "Sally Mott Memorial Award" for Cadet of the Year

Presented annually to the cadet within the ship's company who has been selected as the best overall cadet. The award was kindly donated by Diamond Window Cleaning. The cadet can be any rank but must have displayed exceptional leadership skills and dedication to ship and crew. This award is named after Mrs. Sally Mott, who was the Admin Officer here at RCSCC Quinte for many years and was a valued member of the Quinte officer team until she passed away in 2005.

Presented by representative from ANAF Vets: Troy Dulmage

Awarded to Coxswain CPOC2 Jaden Hearns

A big thank you to the Royal Canadian Legion (Belleville Branch) Shirley Stewart and ANAF Vets (Belleville Branch) Troy Dulmage, for their donations to our Corps. They will be put to very good use, to help our cadets in the future. Thank you both for joining us for our Annual Review and your donations.

BZ on a job well done by all our cadets during a tough year of mixed learning both in person and virtual. You all did an amazing job and should be proud of yourselves.

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